7 – Cups flour

2 – Tbsp. Salt

2 – Tbsp. Baking powder

1 – Cup Shortening

¼ – Cup Sugar

2 – Tbsp. Anise

3 – Cups Warm water (approximately to form dough balls)


Cut shortening into dry ingredients then add warm water to form dough ball.  Knead approximately 5 minutes.  Divide into ping pong ball size then roll out, cut dough in half then hole mark each side.  Heat oil and begin frying with dry side facing up to ceiling.  Place in pan dry side up because other side will be moist and will cause oil to splatter.  Push down with fork until golden brown and remove with tongs.  Let stand and





2 – Blocks Mexican brown sugar, Peloncio

2 – Tsps. Anise

4– Sticks of cinnamon

5 – 8 Whole Cloves

½ – Quart of water


Bring mixture to boil and let simmer for i/2 hour


Dip crisp tortillas in miel.


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