1 lb Ground Round

½  to 1 Onion

½ Cup peas


Oregano, salt, pepper and a tsp. of cumin

1 – Cup Tomato Sauce

1 Diced Potato

3-4 mushrooms, chopped

1 – 2 Carrots, diced small




Brown ground round with onions, mushrooms, garlic, and Comino (like for tacos).  Drain off fat.


Put meat mixture into boiling water and add tomato sauce, diced potatoes, celery and cook for 30 minutes.


Add carrots and parsley and cook an additional 15 minutes.



Rebecca’s Version

Sauté onions and mushrooms set aside.  Brown meat, add potato, carrots and peas; cook slightly and add tomato paste.  Simmer 10 minutes, adding a little water if needed.  Add onion, mushrooms, oregano, cumin, salt and pepper.  Cook until potatoes and carrots are tender and sauce is thickened.  Chile may be added.





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