So this place has sentimental meaning for me, as it was really my first “find” in the Dallas Design District.

When you drive up, you will notice the big LOTS OF FURNITURE sign on the building, which is very accurate. They gots lots-o-furniture.


So if you are looking for small knick-knacks, you may want head over to their “sister” (literally) location at City View. But if you are looking for high-medium-and value priced antiques, and vintage furniture, you can’t go wrong at Lots Of Furniture.

DSCN5750 DSCN5747

One of my very first purchases at LOF was an experience that I will never forget. My dad and I negotiated a great price on a Louis Phillipe armoire that I wanted to put in my bedroom. It was a little on the big (huge) side though, and I wasn’t so sure that it would even fit in the house, much less my “mid-century sized” master bedroom.

One of the owners of LOF promised that he would deliver the armoire and if it didn’t fit he would refund the price of the armoire minus his $40 delivery fee. This armoire was the most handsome piece of furniture that I had ever even come close to owning, so I rolled the dice and placed my $40 bet.

When they pulled up to the house, the armoire towered over the bed of the truck, tied down by straps that looked like the support wires descending from the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. What was I thinking?

Undeterred, they carefully unloaded the armoire and made the first attempt to get it through the front door.

I was clearly about to lose my $40 bet.

But that’s not how the story ends.

The LOF guys began dissembling the 100+ year old armoire piece by piece…the crown, the doors, the frame….and then rebuilt it inside of my bedroom.

What was negotiated to be a quick $40 drop-off-delivery turned out to be a painstaking process of removing and replacing century-old wooden nails and panels. The “delivery” ended up taking several hours – but in the end, I had my armoire (so will any lucky person that moves into the house in the future. I hope they like Louis Phillipe).

Another great reason to go to LOF is for the art. They have great vintage and antique original paintings, tribal art and some over-the-top religious pieces (for perfecting the “gothic cathedral” look in your living space).

DSCN5751 DSCN5749

Once or twice a year LOF will have a sidewalk sale and will offer great discounts on top of their reasonable prices. But this is another shop that loves to negotiate on any old day, so don’t be afraid to ask if you’re really interested in something.


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