From the kitchen of Emma Avina:

10 – 12 lbs of pork  (do not use pork butt, too fatty)

16 lbs of masa

2 bags of cornhusks

½ lb California Chiles

¼ lb New Mexico Chiles

1/3 lb Pasilla Chiles





Day 1   Roast pork with small amount of water at 300 degrees for 4 – 5 hours.  Cook with diced garlic, bay leaves whole corn pepper, and salt.  Let cool and shred.  Save juices, let cool and remove fat layer.


Day 2   Prepare chile mix.  Caution protect hands.  Soak whole chiles overnight, and remove stems.  Put chiles in liquidizer to process (add water as necessary).  Put mixture through ricer to remove skin and seeds. 

Add lots of spices, whole and ground cumin (1 small container of ground cumin and ½ jar crushed whole cumin).  3 tbls salt and lots of garlic.

Put ½ cup oil in pan and brown 1 ¼ cups flour.  Add liquid from meat and water to make a medium thick sauce.  Add chile mix.

Add mixture to meat and simmer at least ½ hour.  Let cool.


Day 3  Soak cornhusks and clean.  Knead masa until a dab will float in water.  Spread masa ¼ inch thick on husks.  Fold and wrap in vegetable paper.


Cook tamales in steamer with plenty of water.


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