Milton Kent

February 5, 2013

When you find yourself at the Knox/Henderson intersection in Dallas, you should probably try to have a designer dog with you, or an equally fashionable cup of coffee/plastic water bottle in your hand. It’s that kind of place.

So the first time I stepped inside of Milton Kent (on Henderson), I tried to avoid eye contact with anyone in the store thinking that my post-workout, chalk covered t-shirt and gym shorts would be a clear indicator that I was Dallas “NOKD” (not our kind, dear).


But contrary to the regulars who frequent the Uptown location, even an East Side guy like me will find himself at ease when greeted by the store’s friendly, knowledgeable namesake, Milton.


Milton is not only a dealer but he is also an interior designer, which is evident throughout the many rooms of his store.

When you step inside, it’s like you errantly got added to the guest list at someone’s stately home for the weekend. All of the rooms seem to have a lived-in comfort with antiques displayed as if they had never been displaced from their original owners.

There are salons, dining rooms, studies, even a kitchen filled with furniture, art and collectibles of various pedigrees. Most of the pieces are 18th-19th century with an occasional anomaly, strategically thrown into the mix to keep things interesting.


When something catches your eye, be sure to ask Milton about it – besides the fact that he’s just a generally pleasant kind-of-guy, there’s also usually at least some little detail that he can share like, “that champagne flute is 200 years old” or “oh, that chair once belonged to President Harding”….

Another reason to stop and ask a few questions would be regarding the price. Milton is usually willing to negotiate.


Milton Kent

2819 N Henderson Ave Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 826-7553 Kent


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