Rest in Peace, Jake & Knox

September 18, 2011

We lost two members of the family in August, Jake and Knox.

Jake became a Jackson as a young puppy. Throughout the many years that I knew him, I was always impressed by how he held-it-together in any situation…and always with typical “Jake style” in airplanes and cross-country trips to Kansas, New Jersey and back to California. He ushered my nieces into the family after they were born and he was always a loving companion and protector to both of them.

Knox had only become a Jackson since last November when I adopted him from an Aussie rescue group, North Dallas Dog Rescue. I will always remember the days that Knox and I spent “hanging out”, the two of us.

Knox would make sure that I got out of bed at a decent hour, and we would go for long walks around the block or to White Rock Lake . Knox viewed his leash as an accessory….he got excited whenever he wore it (sometimes carrying the slack in his mouth while we walked), but he never really needed it as he would never wander too far from me. We would go to lunch together in the afternoon…there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants in Dallas…I could leave him on a patio to go inside and place my order, and by the time I returned Knox would be sitting right where I had left him, though likely surrounded by new-found admirers who would stop to pet him. As you can see from the picture (he’s the guy with the orange football), he was a very handsome guy.

Although he passed several weeks ago, the house still doesn’t feel the same without him.

We’ve lost several dogs over the years, and it’s always so hard. Our dogs have become a big part of the family, though, it was only later in my mom’s life that I discovered her love for dogs. I thought about my mom often when Knox first came to live with me, she had always said “you need a dog, Howard”. And she was right.


One Response to “Rest in Peace, Jake & Knox”

  1. Mague Says:

    I so appreciate that you continue this blog. Its a little touch of Chole that continues because of you.

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