New member of the family

November 20, 2010

Introducing Knox Jackson.

After many years of pining over this decision, I finally decided to take everyone’s advice and go-for-it. I found Knox through North Dallas Dog Rescue (greast peeps) and just now picked him up from his foster family’s house in Fairview. He seems a little overwhelmed with city life at the moment as he his staring at me with a very curious look in his eye from across the room. He is a 4-year old Aussie and a very handsome dude.  By Thanksgiving when the rest of the Jacksons arrive to meet him, I am sure that we will all be BFFs.


3 Responses to “New member of the family”

  1. Knox was SO nervous on his first day, I couldn’t even get him to come down the hallway without luring him with treats. But he is definitely starting to come out of his shell now and has pretty much claimed the whole house as his own.

  2. Lydia Avina-Drayer Says:

    Knox looks a little uncertain in these photos, probably wondering if his luck really has changed for the better. In the Thanksgiving photos he’s a changed Aussie, confident and happy. Good job, Howard.

  3. Mague Says:

    Congratulations! How could anyone give up such a beautiful dog? From the little I can see, it looks like he was well cared for. Well, Knox is a very lucky puppy. Let’s see if its true. If in a few days he starts rolling his eyes, and insisting on cashmere, we will know that dogs do take on their owners personalities. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration! Your loving aunt, Mague

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