The Jacksons @ Medievel Times

November 26, 2010


GOOD: Chicken, dragon eggs, Red & Yellow Knight, Sophia’s feeling better, Judy’s birthday

BAD: Green Knight, Torture Museum (creepy), garlic bread…kinda buttery, and it’s everyone’s last night in Dallas 😦


New member of the family

November 20, 2010

Introducing Knox Jackson.

After many years of pining over this decision, I finally decided to take everyone’s advice and go-for-it. I found Knox through North Dallas Dog Rescue (greast peeps) and just now picked him up from his foster family’s house in Fairview. He seems a little overwhelmed with city life at the moment as he his staring at me with a very curious look in his eye from across the room. He is a 4-year old Aussie and a very handsome dude.  By Thanksgiving when the rest of the Jacksons arrive to meet him, I am sure that we will all be BFFs.