Long, hot summer

August 12, 2010

Birthdays and summer kind of lost some of their coolness for “adult me”.

Neither event is really anything that I particularly look forward to as was the case when I was a kid. Back-in-the-day, summer just couldn’t last long enough and birthdays couldn’t come too soon.

Mom’s birthday is in a couple of weeks, and she always seemed to look forward to it (though she would have claimed the entire month of August as “her month”, not just one day).  I still get the J Jill catalogs in the mail ALL THE TIME, which used to be kinda fun – mom was very easy to shop for, mainly because I think she just liked presents. And pretty stuff.  

I know that some people choose to celebrate the happier anniversaries of life rather than the dates that someone passed away, etc., and that is what I plan to do this year.

This summer has actually been a lot of fun for me. Lots of BBQ grass-fed beef and mojitos by the pool, Crossfit and 3-day weekends. Life is good. I hope that you are having a good summer too…and if not, check out this video. Sometimes I watch it on mute when I am at work. It makes me happy… every time.


One Response to “Long, hot summer”

  1. Mague Says:

    I catch myself thinking what to get Chole for her birthday on the 22nd. I will never forget the voice and giggle, “I like sparkly things”. So why would I send sun flowers? Because my nephew reminded me how she loved Van Gough and how she did not have allergic reactions to sun flowers. Besides “sparkly things” she would take right off my wrist, ears, and neck. I always wore “sparkly” things I could do without when I knew I would be seeing Chole.

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