PROPS to Dad and to EFK!

For the past 3 years, the East Fresno Kiwanis Club (EFK) has worked to improve the existing children’s nature trail near the San Joaquin River.

“Originally, a rough trail only allowed passage around about 60 percent of the pond,” said EFK project coordinator Howard Jackson. “Much of the trail was not accessible to young children or to any child with special needs.”


One Year

June 14, 2010

It’s really not Mother’s Day, or Christmas, or her birthday that “get to me”. It’s all of the other days that are not necessarily marked with special significance or importance; it’s every day.

So today, of all days, I will not think of her “more”.

I will not miss her more today, than I did last week.

But I have to admit, this crazy unit of time…the significance of our 365-day cycle does torture me a little. Last October I couldn’t stop thinking about taking my parents to the farmers market in Dallas to buy heirloom pumpkins for Halloween: “last Halloween”. It was comforting to think about eating Isaac’s homemade banana-caramel pie with her “last Easter”. Just last Easter…not so long ago at all!

My Aunt Irene called me today and told me this had been a “sacred” year, and I have to agree. There was a chronological comfort taken in the minimal effort required to recall events from just one year ago.

But now the proximity of all of those “last-year memories” has been replaced by new ones, as they will from now on. In a way it’s shocking. I still can’t believe that winter turned into spring.

But sacred-first years or not, Mom would not want anyone feeling sad today, or any of these days. She loved us just as we loved her, and no matter how many years pass, that feeling will never fade or become distant.

So faith, hope, love remain, these three, but the greatest of these is love.

(The illustration above was created by my Aunt Mague)