The Family Room – Cholita’s Garden

April 26, 2010

EPU graciously hosted at least 100 friends and family members at their facility for the formal dedication of “The Family Room – Cholita’s Garden” today.While the rooms and halls of EPU were filled with memories, smiles and even a few tears, the mural, Bosque de los Suenos certainly took certain stage. If you were unable to attend the event today, you really have to plan a visit to EPU to view the mural — it is truly a visual experience.

It’s hard to imagine how my mom would have reacted to all of the action today.  Though I know that it would have made her very happy to see her sister’s art hanging alongside her own throughout the walls of a room filled with her family and friends. I felt so proud of her today, and grateful to know that she has this special room at EPU.

Thank you all so much.


2 Responses to “The Family Room – Cholita’s Garden”

  1. Lydia Avina-Drayer Says:

    Howard and the EPU family,
    Thank you so much for the room dedication, it is such a comfort to see the way everyone at EPU continues to cherish Chole. I wanted to take all of you home with me, you’re so warm and nuturing. Instead, I carried back many precious memories, like chatting with Tash at lunch, Wesley’s stylish greeting with a bow, and Jackson, the toddler who stole the show by strutting confidently through so many adults with a smile on his face. You’ve helped so many babies to flourish. You have my unending admiration. My special thanks goes to those who told me I reminded them of Chole. That is the highest praise I have ever received, thank you!

  2. howardfresno Says:

    Good morning
    I was so moved by the turnout and response to the dedication of the “Family Room – Cholita’s Garden” at EPU yesterday. I have so much to be thankful – incredible family and wonderful friends. You have all helped beyond words in getting me and the boys through the past year. The focus on doing something so meaningful and positive has helped to overcome the immeasurable saddness that comes with losing someone so special in your life.
    Chole would have been so pleased with everyone’s efforts in making Sunday so wonderful as well as the outcome of the room. Marion’s, the Cindys, and Lydia’s words will resonate with me and in that room forever. The memories shared between those in attendance will be imbedded in the room as well. The children and families will enjoy the mural and new features for many years to come.
    Thanks to all who made the day possible and so memorable.
    Love to you all
    Howard Lee

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