EPU Mural Update

November 23, 2009

While the SoCal Team for this project (Chole’s sisters Mague & Lydia) have been working connections and visualizing concepts, the Fresno Team has been been cheering enthusiastically and begging for sneak peeks at what the final mural will look like. Here is another sample that Mague shared with us this weekend. 

You may notice that this version uses a different, more pronounced color palette than the previous draft. We determined through a trial sample that the lighter colors would not translate very well when the painting is enlarged onto the mural’s surface material — but the general concept remains the same. This is just a small part of what the mural will look like…we will continue to post updates as they become available.


One Response to “EPU Mural Update”

  1. Margarita Says:

    Hello everyone. I want to share with you the meaning of the palm tree. While there is only one single palm tree, you will notice the leaves are all different in color and/or pattern. To me this represents all of us as we come from one mighty creator and yet we are all of different colors and direction. We are so beautiful together, supporting one an other. The unicorn is from a painting Chole created for her granddaughters, Emma and Sophia. There will be to come : )

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