Another EPU “Move Room” Update

October 21, 2009

It’s been a while since we have provided any updates regarding the Move Room at EPU…

But rest assured that all of the plans are moving forward and are slowly coming into focus. As we had previously communicated, the centerpiece of this project will be a mural that straddles a corner of the Move Room based on an original painting by Chole’s sister, Mague.

 We have spent the past several weeks…OK, months… discussing the content of the painting and the best method for applying the mural onto the walls of the room.  In the end, we decided that painting the mural directly onto the wall would be logistically unfeasible and would be difficult to maintain in the future.

The Art Director of the project and another Avina sister, Lydia, discovered a vendor that could reproduce the painting onto a durable, vinyl wall covering…perfect for a Move Room filled with toddlers and little, sticky hands.  

Mague has already produced a sketch of the mural that will go on the wall and, it’s straight-up amazing. While the final version is still being developed, here is a mini-preview.

mural cropped

 The final painting should be finished in January. It will take a few weeks to transfer the painting onto the vinyl media and then another few weeks to hang the panel(s) and complete the project. So optimistically, EPU will have a new Move Room, filled with the art and imagery that Chole would have loved by early Spring 2010.


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