Family Tree

October 6, 2009

Back in July I blogged about a special sago palm that has been the focal point of my grandmother’s backyard in Montebello for all of my life. Here is the tree…and my grandmother, Emma Avina. The planter was recently repainted by the artistic hands of my Aunt Lydia, following a color pallette similar to what my grandfather had chosen decades ago….



5 Responses to “Family Tree”

  1. […] backyard is hallowed ground. We’ve mentioned the Family Sago Tree that stands guard in her patio…the site of many gatherings, BBQs and my parents’ wedding […]

  2. Margarita Says:

    Amazing how events/things (palm trees in this case) tend to take on symbolic meanings. Here is mine. During our lamaze class in preparation for Mikie’s birth (he is 28 years old now I think), I was told to pick a happy memory to concentrate on during labor. I selected Chole’s wedding day. Labor started and I began to concentrate during the contractions. All of a sudden, I recalled our pale mint green dresses, you and Chole leaving headed towards San Gabriel, and one of your groom’s men fainting in church! Was there a small dark blue/black corvair? Labor was much easier. But I could not really share with Mike or anyone, what had taken place. Who would have believed me?

    • Actually the get away car was my gray dodge dart that I believe my sister drove when I was in the Peace Corps. We should have taken Chole’s blue corvair. It was really a very “cool” car.

  3. Lydia Avina Drayer Says:

    That was a special day for me, too. I was nine and my flower girl dress was my first “formal”. In the days leading up to that special day, Chole kept instructing me to just walk up the aisle without throwing the flowers in my basket because of a church rule. I nodded each time she went over it, plotting to throw them anyway. Imagine my frustration when I found out Chole had the florist bind the flowers to the basket with floral wire…big sis knew me too well.

  4. Lyd
    You done good ! Love the colors ! It brought back some wonderful family memories that took place on that patio including a very special wedding reception. With Joe introducing Mexican Ice Tea to my father and discussing whether the wedding they just witnessed could actually last. It was quite a beginning to the blending of two families.

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