Happy Birthday Mom

August 22, 2009


I have spent this week thinking about how lucky I am to be your son. I will never forget how you waited for me every day on the love couch after elementary school to talk about my day. Or teaching me how to cook and the first time I made carnitas. I remember my dad’s face after taking the first bite and how you gave him the “keep on eating it” look. They were horrible.

Every day I think about you on my way home from work. I miss our daily phone call. After 30+ years you still wanted to know how my day went. Our calls were sometimes quick, but I think we just enjoyed hearing each other voices.

Today I will celebrate your life.

Today I will remember the wonderful memories we had together.

Today I wish I had one more opportunity to spend some time on the love couch with you to talk about our days and hear your voice.




3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mom”

  1. Judy Espiau Says:

    Dear Isaac,

    How beautifully you wrote this. I could actually picture you sitting on the “love Couch” in front of the school. I read this last night for the first time and it was a wonderful way to honor your Mom’s birthday by seeing and feeling you two sitting there together. You made her so present and real to me. Thanks! Judy

  2. Linda Haymond Says:

    Today I honored your mom, my friend of 30+ years, by walking in the “Bark for Life” American Cancer Society fundraising dog walk with my female black lab pup Cinco. She did many cute things and I found myself later reaching for the phone to call Chole to tell her all about it. Those moments happen often, like reality still has not set in. I believe this is OK. I share your desire to have one more conversation.

  3. Margarita Says:

    And my sister was very lucky to have you too! Cheer and joyous celebration, today on Chole’s birthday. Mague

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