Another “Move Room” Update

August 4, 2009

Chole’s Quilt has been enjoying the lazy days of summer, though we are still very busy behind-the-scenes trying to figure out the details for the new Move Room at EPU.

Plans are beginning to come into focus now. While we are still awaiting final approval for many of these ideas, here is a preview of coming attractions:

  • One jungle-themed mural, based on an original painting by Mague. With giant Peruvian otters.
  • New window coverings
  • A new, wall-mounted plasma television
  • New flooring
  • Stencil drawings around the doors and other architectural elements
  • New play structures and furniture

One Response to “Another “Move Room” Update”

  1. Hi
    Chole and I had to always keep an eye on the Howard now that he is living in Dallas. He can still be quite sneaky living hundreds of miles away. There is a big debate underway concering the Peruvian Otters. How this came about is a very invloved story that needs a full posting at another time.
    Needless to say, otters are not a given in the mural. We would appreciate any comments from the blogosphere.
    The other Howard

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