Weekend Project

July 20, 2009


I was trying to be very goal-oriented this weekend. I had one large pot to fill for the front yard…and all I wanted was something that was easy to maintain, heat/frost tolerant, nothing too “florally” (something befitting the front porch of my “bachelor’s residence”).

After wandering through aisles of various flora at the nursery, I was starting to become frustrated…and very hot (this is Dallas in July). And then suddenly, in the corner of the lot, I found it.

At my grandmother’s house in Montebello, in the same backyard that hosted my mom and dad’s wedding reception, there is a sago palm placed in a circular planter in the center of the patio. This palm has been there all of my life. Most of my life (as it is now), this palm has been taller than me (there may have been a few years back in the 80’s when we were right about even). But it is always there, standing proudly and elegantly with broad, dark green fronds.

Although we are all very different people with different styles and personalities, I like to think of this tree in my grandmother’s backyard as kind of a touchstone for our family; really, it is a very powerful tree.  I can’t explain it — but it has a special presence. Many of my relatives have offshoots from this particular palm in their own yards. Although my little palm in Texas may only be a very young, distant cousin, every time I pass by its new home near my front steps, it reminds me of my family and many happy memories.


One Response to “Weekend Project”

  1. jacksoi Says:

    You need to do some weeding around your pot.



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