EPU Memorial

July 8, 2009

Just an update regarding the memorial fund that was set up in mom’s name over at EPU.

It sounds like there have been many, very generous donations including a very large donation from the East Fresno Kiwanis Club (FTW!).

EPU will be using these funds to fulfill my mom’s wish to refurbish EPU’s “Move Room”. From what I understand, this is a very large room that is used to accommodate families while their children are receiving care and therapy by the EPU staff (if anyone from EPU would like to correct me or add to this description, please do not hesitate!).

On top of the funds that have already been donated, the Jacksons will be contributing additional funds to make sure that the room reflects everything that my mom would have hoped for it.

EPU will be able to identify the “basics” for this room – we want to provide the icing on top. Whether it be a window, a painting, sculpture, or some other component, we just want to find something that will make this room even more special and inviting for its occupants.

This Quilt is fortunate to have some very creative, artistic and caring people amongst its ranks (and many of these people work at EPU!). If any of you have any ideas or suggestions for how we can make this room a special place for the families of EPU, please share them here on the blog or directly with any member of the family.

As always, thank you for all of your support – and thank you for enabling my mom to continue to support the families of EPU through this memorial.


One Response to “EPU Memorial”

  1. Cindy Lopez Says:

    I can attest to the fact that the response to the memorial fund has been overwhelming and a direct credit to the impact that Chole and all the Jacksons have made on so many individuals! That was evident at the service- there was a full house,(church)! You cannot walk through the doors of EPU and not think of Chole and we are so excited and thankful for the opportunity to honor her in such a way that the children and families we serve are the recipients of project. The MOVE room that Howard spoke of is the room when all families meet before services begin, I personally cannot walk in that room without thinking of Chole in there monitoring the safety of the children’s rambunctious play. We also use that room as a “big muscle” motor development room although it is very sad in it’s current state. I can just see her art work sprucing the room up to welcome families in, Chole herself had many thoughts about what the MOVE room should be and now I reflect on those to make sure I remmeber everything! When Chole quit working she wanted her “toys” to keep “playing” with the kids so at any given moment a staff person will run by with a “piece of her”- a toy with CHOLE written on it. Continuing the work of serving children and families will always be in honor of Chole, her passion and dedication has been passed on to all of EPU and we cannot thank the Jacksons enough for being so generous and blessing us with the opportunity to provide our children and families with an area (one in great need of a little TLC) that will honor Cholita, our hero! Thank you to everyone who has donated, anyone interested in a tour of the center please give me a call!

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