Good Morning from Howard Lee

June 12, 2009

I have never known a more difficult time in my life. Yet there has never been a more special time. The incredible response Chole and I have received from the boys, Alicia, Emma, Sophia, the sisters, her mom, special friends who drop by and give a loving hand and tender moments will never be forgotten.
The brief response that Chole now shows to this Love, we can see and feel the appreciation on her face as she travels this inevitable path that is all too clear and painful for us all.
Chole is incredibly making the journey; I for one will never forget or appreciate the courage and love shown by her and all of you.
All my love
Howard Lee


One Response to “Good Morning from Howard Lee”

  1. Flor Romero Says:

    It is simply amazing the strength, patience, and love you all show toward Chole! She is a very, very special women and she deserves every bit of love you, Howard, your 2 sons, daughter-in-law, and your 2 precious granddaughters have offered. Not to mention all the extended family, friends, and her EPU family, which I consider myself part of. I am in awe that Chole is now traveling this journey with such grace. I’m sure she is able to do so because of her ever so loving and supportive family.

    It’s not easy to say good-bye, and honestly, I’m not ready to. But I am not God to stop this process, nor would I try to interfere with His plans. My only prayer is that Chole spreads her wings and settles in the most comfortable place in heaven. I, along with all her loved ones, am blessed to have “Chole footprints” cemented all over my heart.

    Cholita, the Diva of Divas, thank you for everything! I will always have a space in my heart filled with you love, care, laughter, and snappiness! You truly are a special person!

    My love, Flor

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