June 11, 2009

Emma and Sophia enjoying some time with Abu

Mom has been asleep since I arrived.  At 2:30pm Father Norris came by to say a prayer for my Mom.  My Dad, Mary Allen, Alicia, Emma, Sophia, and I were all present.  I was hoping to see a reaction from her, but my Mom continued to rest peacefully.  At 3pm the girls needed to get going, so Emma held my Mom’s hand on the right side of the hospital bed and Sophia was on the left.  They both took turns saying goodbye.  Then I heard my Mom try to say something.  Her eyes opened, and she gripped their hands.  Even though we couldn’t hear the words from her mouth, we knew what she was saying.  We love you too Mom.



7 Responses to “Love”

  1. Cindy Lopez Says:

    Just wanted to add my thoughts on “love”. I was blessed on tuesday to see a “true Chole moment” while spending time with the Jacksons. Howard was giving Chole something to drink and he unintentionally spilled some down her chin and we both got “the look”, you know- the one! I was thrilled to also get a chuckle when mentioning that I had to get to EPU so that I can go to circle time to sing “hooray for Chole” song! I have been inspired and humbled by this beautiful family throughout the health problems that Chole has faced, the courage, determination and unconditional love they provide one another reminds me that “love for a lifetime” still exists and I am a better person for experiencing it! Thank you Jacksons!

  2. Don Priest Says:

    Thanks to Lee, Howard and Isaac for keeping us all updated on Chole’s journey. We’ll all travel her journey, but it feels much too soon. I treasure the adventures and moments with Chole and her family. God Bless. We all benefit from our times with Chole and her family. Although it feels much too soon. May Chole enjoy peace and tranquilty. May her family enjoy the memories and quality time together.

  3. Emma Rose Says:

    We love you too Abu. And Abu loves us.

    Emma Rose

  4. Lydia Avina-Drayer Says:

    Wait. We’re not supposed to cry in public venues? Now you tell me. I still don’t care. Chole is too special not to cry over and then there’s the rest of you. I’ve always loved and admired all of you but lately you guys just take my breath away. From Lee, right down to little Emma and Sophia, you’ve all been the very definition of love.

  5. Mague (margarita) Says:

    Dear Isaac, your daughters, Sophia and Emma are so lucky to have such a great family. No doubt they will miss their grandmother as we all will. The memories between them will provide some comfort no doubt. These tender moments Chole struggles to provide Emma and Sophia with will now be a cherished memory for me too. Thank you for sharing and gently caring us through another day.

  6. Aiyaiyai. I gotta start remembering not to check this blog in public venues. I am sitting here in the Admiral’s Club at DFW bawling my eyes out.

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