Smiles & Tears

June 8, 2009

It was a quiet evening and a peaceful morning for my mom. At around 10:30 my aunt Rebecca and uncle David arrived with my grandmother. Although my mom had not said much during the morning, she was immediately aware of her visitors.

My grandmother had not visited in a few weeks, so I can’t imagine how hard it was for her to see my mom now. I think that the changes are in a way, easier to bear for me, my dad, Isaac, Alicia – we get to see the process and adjust.

We all are carrying the same heavy hearts, but for me anyway, the burden is lighter the more time I get to spend with my mom – unfortunately for my grandmother (and so many other members of our family and friends), that comfort is not always possible.

Before going to my mother, my  grandmother took a moment in the rest room  – my mom looked around the room, and immediately called out for my grandmother. Clearly, my mom needed this visit – it was very special to see them together.

The visit was short – but perfect in many ways. My uncle offered a little prayer, my grandmother provided some comfort to her daughter : a cool towel, some applesauce, her voice and touch. I guess you can tell, I felt very fortunate just to have been in the room; a big “shout-out” to Dave and Rebecca for making this happen.


2 Responses to “Smiles & Tears”

  1. Erin Smtih Says:

    I had a wonderful visit with the family the other day. Chole has and will always be an inspiritation to me and many others. Her smile and laughter always filled the room. I will always cherish those special moments we had together. Especially, meeting for lunch with my son Colton. Isaac, your mom couldn’t wait for grandkids. When she needed a grandkid fix she would call me and we would meet up for lunch. I was honored to have the chance to be with Chole and hold her hand and see her giggle. “Let’s get the party started”…..don’t forget to tell your girls, Isaac.
    One last note…Chole was shocked that I had not heard the Serenity Prayer before I met her so she insisted I learn it and live by it. This ones for you.
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference. I love you Chole.
    Love, Erin (EPU daughter)

  2. Stacy Ritchey Says:

    Hi Chole, I’m sitting at my desk looking at a picture of you, myself and Elliott. I can still “hear our laughter” in the picture if i try hard. 🙂 the three of us always did have the loudest laugh in the building. You have alot of people who love you and it sounds like you are getting the best care. I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU CHOLITA!!!

    Stacy Ritchey

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