High Note

June 6, 2009

We seem to have turned another corner.

Mom received a surprise visit from Erin, her “EPU daughter” late this afternoon. When the doorbell rang, I kind of hesitated to roll out the “welcome mat”. Although I’d only met Erin once or twice before, I couldn’t imagine that a visit would be good for her or my mom today. We’d all just spent the day recovering from the previous 24 hours. It just didn’t seem like the kind of day that mom would be able to “hang out”.

 I told Erin that she could come in and sit with my mom for a bit, but that it would be unrealistic to expect much more.

Erin seemed more than fine with that, despite my surly greeting and bad manners. She walked into the family room, caught my mom’s eye and immediately received my mom’s first smile of the day.

Since Erin’s visit, we’ve had a couple of ups and downs…but overall, mom looks really good. The bed in the family room seems to have made life much more comfortable for my mom (and much more convenient for us).  Right now she is chatting with my dad about the weather!

How this all works is still a total mystery. Perhaps it was Erin’s visit. Maybe it was Isaac’s homemade rice pudding. It doesn’t matter really; it’s a good night.

Howard Joseph


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