June 1, 2009

 I arrived back in Fresno on Saturday night. Mom had already gone to bed when I arrived, but I was able to give her a kiss on the cheek and let her know that I was home.

The following morning we were able to get back into our “routine”: dad’s coffee, some morning television, mom in her favorite chair by the window. Mom ended up sleeping most of the day on Sunday, though she was able to visit with some family friends and Isaac who had brought the granddaughters along (who seem to retain the exclusive ability of still being able to bring a smile to Abu’s face, without fail).

Mom eats very little, even less than during my last visit. She speaks fewer words and takes smaller steps.

My Aunt Judy and Aunt Lydia had kept me up-to-date about some of what I had missed while I had been a way. Though, it was still sad to see that mom’s ability to connect is more limited now. The funny quips and expressions are still there, but with much less frequency.

As always, there is a constant and welcome rotation of friends, nurses and support that seem to visit the house throughout the day. Mom is looking forward to a visit from the Clarks and the Williams today who are driving down from Walnut Creek – they have been friends to my family since before I was a member of it.

I am planning to be here in Fresno throughout the week, and will try to post a few more updates during my visit (we’ve kind of neglected the blog lately).

Love to all.

Howard Joseph


2 Responses to “Reunion”

  1. Lydia Avina Drayer Says:

    Yes, it is so easy to ignore the blog when visiting with Chole. I was there for four days and didn’t touch a computer the entire time, the longest I’ve gone tech-less in decades. When time is so short, just sitting and watching her nap is precious. Saturday, after hearing that speech was much diminished, I returned a call from Howard Lee and was shocked that Chole answered. She caught me by surprise and I stupidly asked how she had enjoyed the visit by Irene, Rebecca and Dave earlier that day. She said she didn’t remember, paused, then asked if they had come by “because I just don’t know.” I told her that it was perfectly okay for her to “not know” and she very politely replied “thank you”. I find it ironic that the meaning of Chole’s proper name, “Soledad”, is “solitude”. As if any of us would ever leave her alone! She radiates love and has always drawn us in.

  2. Vicki Benson Says:

    Good to hear from the Jackson family again. Thank you for the updates. I know it must be hectic and busy at your house, so I really appreciate you taking time to keep us updated. Leave it to Chole to continue the quips and expressions-as you called them. She always has had the ability to find a ray of light in the midst of darkness.
    Please tell her that all of her friends at EPU think of her and pray for her daily. Do not hesitate to call us if we can do anything at all. I do not want to intrude on the family at this time but would love to be of service if needed.
    Look forward to updates
    Love, Vicki

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