May 25, 2009

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Although, Chole cautioned Howard and I about wishing a wonderful Memorial Day weekend to someone who is terminal.  A little of Chole’s humour we get a taste of each day.

Each morning I asked Chole what she would like for breakfast.  Maybe some scrambled eggs, toast, cereal, fresh fruit or oatmeal?  The other morning she asked for pancakes.  I do not think we have made pancakes or waffles in this house in 15 years.  And of course we do not have any pancake mix. So the other day when I went to the store I picked up some Bisquick.  And this morning I attempted to make pancakes.  After about 3 flops I finally got one that looked decent.  She actually ate two of them plus some scrambled eggs and commented they tasted good.  Fortunately, she is easy to please.

We are having a memorable Memorial weekend in spite of Chole’s caution.  Gena is here from Hospice helping her with a Shower.  I did not think they would be coming on a holiday for the personal care.  But about an hour ago Gena called and asked if we wanted her to come today.  Chole is always game for her shower.

Isaac is bringing pizza for lunch.  Now I have to figure out what to do for dinner to go with pizza and pancakes.

Love to all !

Howard & Chole


5 Responses to “Pancakes”

  1. It is Friday, May 29th. Gary and I just arrived home from a visit with Chole and Howard. I heard about the pancakes while we were there. It was just amazing to me to see how well Howard with the help of his two sons and Alicia have organized Chole’s care. Everything is going very well.
    In fact, all was in such perfect order, the only thing there was for us to do was to sit with Chole and be present with her. Actual verbal communication was a bit difficult, but to just be with her was so special. I just wanted to soak her up like a sponge. One thing that our visit taught me was that it is not necessary to do anything or even say anything you can just be with someone. That is how our visit went and it was wonderful. Judy

  2. Reva Guimont Says:

    Hi Howard,
    I enjoyed the pancake story. Love the fact that food gave her so much pleasure. I also love Chole’s humor. We miss her at EPU. Sounds like the family is doing a wonderful job. Thank you for this blog!! It helps us keep up with you all.


  3. Vicki Benson Says:

    Hello to the Jackson’s
    Chole I can truly appreciate your craving for pancakes. When I was constantly fighting nausea during my cancer battle pancakes were one of the few foods that would settle my stomach. The joys of confort food.
    You are so blessed to have such a loving and supportive family, but I know you already know that. The halls of EPU will nevr be the same without your journeys up and down to visit and say hello. I pray for pain free days so that you can continue to gather precious memories.
    Look forward to the updates.

    All my love, Vicki

  4. Bobbie Coulbourne Says:

    Hi Jacksons’,
    It was nice to get back to my computer today (spent the holiday way up in the mountains)and read the uplifting episode re; pancakes. I so miss my chats with Chole when she came by my office (birds of a feather do flock together). It is so wonderful of all of you to keep us updated on her well being. She always bragged on her family and I see how true her words were. Thanks also to Howard for fielding the calls and being so patient. Give her my love and tell her that “Roberta” says hi.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Howard,

    On one of my visits I bought pancake mix (just add water) either whole grain or wheat with honey. I should have told you. It might be with the cereals or in your pantry. Sorry!

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