A Good Week

May 23, 2009

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

What is a good week, you say?  This weeks top ten –

  1.  Chole smiling & cracking her jokes with her play on words.
  2. Talking with her sons a few times each day
  3. Spending special time with one of her sisters.
  4. The pain in her head is under control.
  5. Her nausea which is always there is liveable and under control.
  6. She can enjoy food and eat a few times each day –  even if it is some of my cooking.
  7. A hug from Emma and Sophia
  8. Making and taking phone calls from mom, family & friends
  9. Enjoying a few short visits from friends.
  10. Reading emails and cards from friends and family.
  11. I will make it eleven – a visit from her beautician who cut her hair and they talked their heads off for about an hour.  Someone needs to write a book about the relationship between beauticians and their women clients.  It is definitely more than business.  I believe Glenda has been cutting her hair for at least 10 years.

I am not sure I got the order right but the important thing is that Chole was able to experience all of the above this week –  pretty much everyday. 

There were 2 keys I believe to the “Good Week”.  The week always seems special when one of her sisters is able to be here for a few days.  Chole’s youngest sister, Lydia came on Wednesday and was very good medicine and wonderful help for the 2 of us.

Secondly, the folks from Hospice got into a good rhythm.  They made some changes in her medication which really seemed to help.  The pain medication was changed to a low dose morphine which really seemed to work magic.  And the nausea medication was changed to Haldol and has improved that area of her care which had been a real headache for us to manage.  They tried Restoril for sleep but that did not work and was a little scary in its side effects so we went back to the Xanax.  She is sleeping much better including blocks of 4 hours at a time.  I will tell you that makes life much easier for everyone.

Days such as these are quite special.

Our Love to You All !

Howard in Fresno


4 Responses to “A Good Week”

  1. Cindy Lopez Says:

    It appears that this family heeds the advice to LIVE life, LAUGH often and LOVE forever- good for you, you are all amazing and inspirational. No wonder Chole is the wonderful person she is! This is great news and was so glad to hear it! Kudos to Cholita and I gotta find out what all the hype is about this NCSI??? See you soon!

  2. Judy Espiau Says:

    It was wonderful to hear that Chole is having a good week. To read the items on the list that made up a good week for Chole painted such a clear picture. When I read the first item on the list (Chole’s ability to “Play on Words” ) I had an immediate flash on all the times she has brought a smile and giggle to me with her wit. I am feeling so grateful for medication and especially for getting the medication right. This will be a constant in my daily prayers. Last, but not least, big brother. I am in awe of all you are managing!

    Love Judy

  3. Linda Haymond Says:

    It was nice reconnecting with Lydia this week. My short visit with Chole and her sister left me awestruck!! Chole in the midst of so much was glowing with a countenance that is hard to describe, angelic comes to mind. The abundance of nurturing love I felt on my visit lifted my spirit for the remainder of the day.

  4. Lydia Avina-Drayer Says:

    Okay, I admit I’m a little confused. I thought I was going up to Fresno to help out but instead was treated to gourmet seafood meals by Howard Sr. There was freshly ground coffee when I woke each day and Isaac/Alicia catered in several lunch options. Chole, ever Jr. Mom, would ask if I needed a sweater, an extra pillow, a blanket or a mid meal snack…and when I left today there was the reminder to drive safe and phone when I arrived home. Howard Jr. asked if I’d used the pool during my stay but I explained I was soaking up Cholita instead of rays, happily watching NCIS and The View. She gracefully puts up with occasional bouts of nausea or headache but remains Cholita, quick to assert her independence and stare the message home. I tried my “little sister” act on her but she’s too smart for that, so I would have to retreat for awhile before going back into hover mode (which is SO not my fault, she pulls me in like gravity). Howard Lee is beyond wonderful and I’m so glad Chole found him and brought him into our family.

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