Back on track

May 19, 2009

We’ve had a better couple of days.

After a very long Saturday night, the nurse from Hinds Hospice came to the house on Sunday morning and helped us adjust mom’s medications. Since then, I think it’s fair to say that some of mom’s strength and mobility have returned (though we still rely on the wheelchair for backup support).

Hinds Hospice has been great. I was feeling a little overwhelmed on Sunday morning, and in a very indirect, round-about way tried to infer to the nurse that maybe we were “in a little over our heads”. The nurse seemed to know exactly what I was trying to say and replied very reassuringly that “families do this – you can do this”. Although “motivational sentiments” usually have the opposite effect on me, this was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.

Once again, it feels like we have it under control (though admittedly, that’s much easier for me to say as my dad has been taking the “night shift”).

Alicia, Sophia and I took care of my mom yesterday afternoon while my dad went to the office and took care of a few errands. Tomorrow (Wednesday), mom’s youngest sister, Lydia will do a u-turn and come back to Fresno for another visit – this time, she will be staying for a few days (I’ve already advised her to plan on watching a whole lot of “NCIS”).

I will go back to Dallas this afternoon. Although mom’s short-term memory isn’t the best, she definitely knows that I am leaving today. She asked me this morning if I enjoyed my visit – despite the circumstances, I did not need to hesitate when I replied “yes!”

I’ve been spending some time every day reading the many replies that have been accumulating on the blog to my mom. After listening to a recent post by Sandy and Chuck, my mom smiled and said “I picture all of these people reading these [replies] from afar who don’t even know each other…”…I agreed, that this blog has woven together many different  memories from different times and places that are all harmoniously linked together, just as a “quilt” should – whether you’re actively posting your replies or privately reading along, thank you.


One Response to “Back on track”

  1. Marion Karian Says:

    Dear Howard

    Your message brought me back to the weeks we cared for my father at the end of his life with the assistance of Hospice (in Ventura County). We all wondered if we could do it, but did and I am so glad. At the end we were physically and emotionally exhausted, but now I know that allowing us to care for him was his final gift to us. One never wishes to be dependent upon ones family for such intimate care, but allowing that to happen with grace and understanding is truly a gift. It is not easy on many fronts, but knowing we did it has carried us on with love in our hearts–and gratitude to him.

    I think of you so often and appreciate your keeping us in touch. My hugs and kisses go to you both.


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