“Not Good”

May 7, 2009

Unfortunately, the news this morning is “not good”.  I think those of us who have seen Chole lately knew the Avistan was not helping.  The MRI showed that the cancer in her brain is progressing and is not being affected by the treatments and Dr. Hackett told us there was no use in continuing this treatment.  Unfortunately, there are no other options available for the treatment of the extensive cancer in her brain, except radiation which Chole has opted not to undergo.  Dr. Hackett agrees that the radiation would not lead to any real positive results.

Dr. Hackett is the Medical Director for the best Hospice program in Fresno, Nancy Hinds Hospice, and they will be making an appointment with us in the next few days.

I will try and post a more extensive note later today or tomorrow when we have had a chance to absorb the path we are about to travel.

If you feel a need to call – please call my cell phone for now – if you do not have this number, please leave a reply on the blog and we will provide it to you.  Thanks !

Our love to you all !

Howard & Chole


9 Responses to ““Not Good””

  1. Marion Karian Says:

    Dearest Chole

    Thank you so much for your call last week. I can’t tell you how good it was to hear your voice. I miss your visits to my office–I loved that you popped in every one in a while to share thoughts and insights with me. I learned a great deal from you. You are so deeply missed here at EPU. It is hard to walk by and look in at your empty desk. Even though the desk is empty, what we will always feel is the love and spirit that you showed for all the children and families you cared for over the many years we had you here. So many of our staff have been mentored by you with your extraordinary grace and dignity–they are lucky and so are we all. I think of you every day and hope that having your family around is bringing you the joy and love that you so richly deserve.

    Take care Chole, and when you feel strong enough, give me another call.

    My Love to you ALL


  2. Vicki Benson Says:

    Chole and family,
    You are all constantly on my mind and in my prayers. I admire your stregth, courage and faith. I hope I can model it if my journey should take a turn. I so miss you reading in the center hallway. I knew I could always stop for a quick chat and ounce of inspiration. I llk forward to this wonderful blog that your son has set up daily. It keeps us more connected if hot physically at least spiritually.
    I love you and I am keeping only positive thoughts. Vicki Benson

  3. Stacy Ritchey Says:

    Hi my friend and eternal office mate. I still here your laughter in our office and miss you so much. My prayers are with you and your family. My prayer is that the Lord wrap a big quilt around you and give you comfort in this difficult time.
    Love you always,Stacy

  4. Travis Lara Says:

    Your are in our families prayers daily and our thoughts go out to you. We sent you a little something in the mail that you could use for days that you just want to lounge around the house, I hope that you will put it to great use. Hope you have a wonderful mothers days and we will be checking in.

    Jessica, Travis, Hayden and Justin

    • Howard Joseph Says:


      Your aunt took one look at the US Navy sweatshirt that arrived today, smiled, and said “Travis”.

      Thank you

  5. Lydia Avina Drayer Says:

    I think it’s a good thing Chole was born first of the six of us because she is such an exceptional role model. Each step of life she seems to know just how to intelligently proceed with confidence and grace. Proof of that is her choice of Howard as love of her life for there simply couldn’t have been a better pick.

    Cholita and Howard, my love and prayers are with you both. After all these years I’m still taking notes on how to live by watching the two of you. Your courage, spirit and grace are so inspiring.

  6. Flor Romero Says:

    There are hardly any words that I can offer to make this easier for Chole and the family. But, I can offer my continued prayers and positive thoughts. I pray that Chole, along with Howard, and the 2 boys and their families find peace and comfort in whatever it is that gives you this. If I had a magic wand, I’d be waving it around like crazy for Chole to be as perfect as she deserves to be. I admire the strength Howard owns as he keeps this “Quilt” well informed with Chole’s progress. Thank you for doing so Howard. And thank you God for allowing Chole to cross my path and become a very, very important person in my life! You came into my heart and you will always have a piece of it that belongs to you.

    Love and tight hugs,

  7. Dana and Sue Marble Says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop. We are following Chole’s Quilt carefully and continue to keep you and your family in our prayers as you continue on the journey.

  8. Cindy Lopez Says:

    All of EPU is thinking of you all and wishing as much love and strength as we have! We also wanted to wish our favorite nurse a “happy nurses week”! Chole always celebrated nurse’s week and made sure we all knew about it! She is proud of her fellow nurses; Marion Karian and Della Garrett as well! Cheer’s to you nurse Chole! Chole also likes to celebrate her birthday FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH! and would not let one forget, during the month of August every circumstance relating to Chole was justified by the fact that it was her birthday! AGAIN- for the whole month! We all got such a kick out of that! Hugs to you both!

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