A Quick Update

May 6, 2009

A Quick Update

Chole had her MRI yesterday and as usual it went well. They always ask her if she is claustrophobic. Because if you are adverse to closed-in spaces they now have open MRI machines that they can offer you for your MRI. When they offer her the open machines she tells them “no I am fine with the closed tube”. As many of us know Chole will often look for a dark private space to go and have lunch or take a break. She loves a little private time to decompress in a darkened room. In the tube she puts on the head phones and asks for a little soft rock music and for the 20 minutes it takes to do the procedure she does very well, thank you. She would probably rent the tube about 30 minutes a day if they allowed it. Unfortunately, the rental is about $6000 for 20 minutes.

The hard part in the process is finding a vein that is usable. For 21 years she has only used her left arm for things like chemo treatments, blood draws and taking blood pressure. She protects her right arm like a mother bear protects her bear cub. If a tech comes near her good arm they better beware. You can always tell an inexperienced phlebotomist because they will tell her that it will be OK to use the “good” arm. That is the wrong thing to tell Chole. You better go look for another patient to draw.

When she had her initial lumpectomy in 1988 they removed 27 lymph nodes from that arm for analysis. She is very fearful of getting an infection or injuring that arm. She has always remembered that her Doctor told her she should never use a vacuum cleaner or do other household chores that require the use of that arm. The boys and I have always been a little suspicious of that admonition. After all her surgeon, Dr. Margaret Hadcock, although incredibly talented, a wonderful person and friend to Chole, is also a woman.

On Thursday we meet with Dr. Hackett and will get the results of the MRI. Keep lots of positive thoughts as she traverses this major hurdle. Of course we will let you know the results.

Our Love from Fresno

Howard & Chole


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