Mom, Dad, Spirituality & Blogging

May 4, 2009

Dallas Arboretum, April 2007
Dallas Arboretum, April 2007

FIRST, I would like to thank Mary Allen for inspiring “Chole’s Quilt” and this blog. The “quilt” concept seems especially comforting and appropriate. 

One of the many reasons why I am privileged to be my parent’s son is the diverse, loving and interesting network of family and friends that they have surrounded me with all of my life. While some of us here may only know each other indirectly, it is my hope that while we are all coming together to find ways to support my mom, that we can also take some comfort through the virtual family of this blog.

After just one week I have already really enjoyed reading through everyone’s posts and discussing them with my mom and dad. If anyone has pictures or other media that they would like to share with the group, please let me know so that we can get them posted to the blog as well.

As for the spirituality thread, I’ve been hesitant to “throw down” with y’all (sorry, 3+ years in Texas, the “y’alls” are out of my control now). Honestly I cannot begin to speculate on the source of my parents’ collective and individual strength: god, love, friends, family, spirituality. From my view, I’d have to say that the short answer is “all of the above”. Whether secular or divine, all I know is that within the Jackson family, there has always been a respect for faith in all of its manifestations:

From the dictionary:




  1. confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another’s ability.


From the Bible (Hebrews 11:1)


…”the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”


Wherever you may personally feel that your faith is most appropriately placed in the week(s) ahead – in medical science, god, the human spirit, or elsewhere, I am grateful to you all for supporting my mom and dad.

Howard Joseph, Dallas


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