Coordination of Help

May 3, 2009

Dear Everyone, Thank you to all  of you who have responded to Howard’s Welcome with comments, and also to those of you who have not responded but who are following the posts and comments.  I am also new to blogging, so bear with us as we figure this out. 

As you know, I made the suggestion of Chole’s Quilt, to help Howard and Chole in whatever way is needed in the coming days.  The plan is that Howard, Howard and Chole’s daughter-in-law, and Howard Joseph will keep us informed of Chole’s condition and will let us know what we can do to help.  You all have my contact information via my emails to you, and if you do not, or if you did not receive one of my initial emails, please let me know on this blog, and I will find out how to contact you.  I don’t think that we should put that kind of personal information on the blog, as it is public. 

I will be working with Howard, Alicia, and Howard Joseph to coordinate in any way that they need.  Please feel free to offer suggestions.  Especially those of you family members who are visiting and have first-hand knowledge of their needs, your insight and suggestions would be most helpful. 

Chole and I have been friends since the ’80’s when we were both employed at Dr. Peters and Dr. Boehm Ob-Gyn practice in Fresno, she as our nurse-educator, and I as a nurse-midwife.   I have actually known Howard longer, from when we were both employed by the Fresno County Department of Health in the ’70’s.  Chole and I have shared our spiritual lives as questioning Catholics, and as women who have had breast cancer.   Both of us knew Fr. Sergio Negro from the Newman Center quite well before he passed away about 10 years ago, and once Chole spoke at a women’s spirituality group which is held there, called “Lydia’s House”, about her work at EPU.   I have always cherished Chole’s independence of mind and spirit, her warm, open heart, her frankness, and her humor. 

I agree with the previous comment, that the love of God is manifest in human beings.  And that the love of God trumps everything.  I have been privileged to witness its incarnation in Howard and Chole, in their love for each other, their selfless service to others, and in the love of their family and friends for them.  And that love never dies. 

With deep gratitude, Mary Allen


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