Message from Howard (Fresno)

May 1, 2009

Thanks to everyone for their response to Chole’s quilt of family and friends blog. I have never blogged before so this is a new experience. In fact I have never twittered, texted or even face booked.
Chole had her weekly visit with Dr. Hackett this morning and he was in a very good mood. The two had a very involved discussion about the existence of God. Dr. Hackett was adamant about the fact that God exists. He went in to a long speech about the fact that he is a scientist and knows all about these things and he sees the proofs daily. Chole reacted with some of her usual skepticism while I sat back and just listened. On occasion Chole & Tom used to see each other at the Newman Center and Chole mentioned that 20 years ago Mary Allen had arranged for a sacrament of healing for Chole at the Newman Center. I asked if that sacrament lasted a lifetime or did you need periodic updates. He said that it did not last a lifetime and it was definitly time for another service.
As usual he gave her a big hug after his exam and Chole’s spirit were uplifted.
On a functional note. We went over the schedule for next week and the MRI is Monday not Tuesday at 11:00 AM at St.Agony Hospital in Fresno. We will have the results on Thursday at her regular medical visit and the philosophical round table discussion.
Howard Fresno


One Response to “Message from Howard (Fresno)”

  1. Karen Weiss-a-moto Says:

    Hi Chole,

    Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you. The family picture you took during spring break was really nice. I can’t believe how big grandkids got. I remember playing with Emma in the living room in Loomis.

    P.S. I didn’t really change my name to Weiss-a-moto. I couldn’t convince Oliver..I thought it would be a nice compromise!

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